Following Pulwama attack, old video of a man falsely identified as a terrorist resurfaces

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Following the deadly Pulwama attack in which 40 soldiers were martyred, a video has resurfaced on the internet in which a man is seen giving an interview. The text attached with the video claims that an alleged terrorist was giving an interview after being reported dead.
The caption read: “आज सुबह और कल हमने जिस शख्स को धमाके से उड़ा हुआ देखा या पढ़ा वह आज इंटरव्यू दे रहा है ! शाबाश मीडिया और BJP!”
(Translation: This morning and yesterday, the man we saw or read blown away, he is giving an interview today! Well done media and BJP!)

The video was shared extensively and it was separately uploaded by many users on Facebook.

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When NewsMobile Fact Checked the video and the claim attached with it we found that the video was authentic but the date and time of the viral video was incorrect.
When NewsMobile put the frames of the interview through Reverse Image Search, we came across the original interview posted by A2Z News on November 19, 2017. The man in the video is a civilian from Jammu whose name is Abdul Majid.

It is true that the man in the resurfaced video is Abdul Majid who was in 2017 misidentified as militant Abu Zargam by various national dailies. Whereas the terrorist, Abu Zargam, had been in gunned down by security forces in November 2017 in J&K.
Hence, this man in the video has no connection to the Pulwama attack and neither he is a terrorist.

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