FAKE Alert: This picture of Chaiiwala outlet with Abhinandan's picture is photoshopped

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A picture has surfaced the social media which shows that one of the Indian food chain restaurants Chaiiwala based in the UK with the picture Wing Commander Abhinandan on the signboard.
The caption attached with the video read: ब्रिटेन में मोदी के एक प्रशंसक ने अपनी कॉफीशॉप का नाम “चायवाला” रखा है और उसे विंग कमांडर अभिनंदन की तस्वीर के साथ चार चाँद लगा दिए.
(Translate: In Britain, a fan of Modi has named his coffee shop “Chaiwala” and placed four moons with the picture of Wing Commander congratulatory. Thank you)

One of the Facebook used the shared picture on a Facebook group ‘We Support Narendra Modi‘. At the time of filing this report, the post was already shared by over 1,800 people.
Several other Facebook users share the same picture.


When NewsMobile came across this post, we fact-checked the picture and the claims accompanying the picture.
NewsMobile contacted Chaiiwala and their team confirmed that the viral picture is photoshopped.
We put the image through Google Reverse Image Search and came across the exact same picture which didn’t have the picture of Wing Commander Abhinandan on the signboard.

On closely observing the collage of Real and Fake picture it is very clear that the picture of Wing Commander Abhinandan was added using photoshop.

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