Fact Checked: Wrong picture of Nirbhay Cruise Missile is being circulated

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A photo of a missile has surfaced on the internet in which claims that India has conducted a flight trial of the nuclear-capable Nirbhay Cruise Missile with a range of 1000 km.
The caption of the photo read- “बधाई इतिहासिक पल आज सभी भारतीयों के लिए
भारत ने 1 हज़ार किलोमीटर मारक क्षमता वाली निर्भय क्रूस दुनिया का सबसे खतरनाक मिसाइल का सफल परीक्षण सम्पन्न हुवा उड़ीसा में| पल भर में ये मिसाइल पोरकिस्तान का इस्लामाबाद को तबाह कर सकता है”

(Translation- Congratulations to all Indians today. India has successfully tested the world’s most dangerous missile ‘Nirbhay Cruise’ with a range of 1000, in Odisha. This missile can destroy Pakistan’s Islamabad within seconds.)

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We found more posts with the same claims


When NewsMobile fact-checked the above post, we found that the picture attached with the claims is not of Nirbhaya Cruise missile.
When we put the viral photo through Reverse Image Search, we found the photo was taken in July 2018.

The photo belongs to U.S. Missile Defence Agency and it shows Israel’s David’s Sling Weapon System which was test fired on July 23 to counter a missile threat.
On digging furhter, we found a picture of India’s first indigenously designed and developed long-range cruise missile, who took a successful flight test to a range of 1,000 km in 2014.
The missile took its sixth flight test on 15th April 2019, after which the posts started surfacing.

The above information proves that the photo circulated with the claim is not Nirbhaya Cruise missile.

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