Fact Checked: This journalist didn’t say this, it's fake

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A screengrab of a tweet from Republic TV has resurfaced on the internet. The tweet attributes a quote to journalist Rana Ayyub where she is advocating for minor child rapists.
“Minor child rapists are also human, do they have no human rights. This Hindutva Government is bringing ordinance for death to child rapists just to hang muslims in larger numbers. Muslims aren’t safe in India anymore” – the quote read.
The post was shared in a group called ‘We Support Republic.’

When NewsMobile team fact-checked the post, we found it to be fake.

Journalist Rana Ayyub took to Twitter to clear the air around this quote. She said that this is a fake photo-shopped tweet.
“This fake photo-shopped tweet that shows me advocating child rapists in the name of Islam is being circulated yet again all over social media. From the likes of Ashok Pandit to the entire right wing eco system is sharing this tweet. How sick are you guys !” She tweeted.

Back in 2018, the same tweeted went viral on social media and Ayyub posted on Facebook calling off this Fake Tweet.

Moreover, if you observe the Twitter handle closely, you’ll notice that the account in the viral post that handle is @republicTv and the account is not verified. Whereas, the official account of Republic TV is @republic and the handle name is Republic and is a verified account.

All the above information proves that the viral Screengrab is FAKE.

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