Fact Checked: The viral video of people demanding justice is not from Kashmir

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Several videos have emerged on social media in the aftermath of the revocation of article 370.
Recently, a video started trending on social media claiming of Kashmiri people protesting outside the supreme court of justice.
“कश्मीर जल रहा है।मोदी और शाह दुनिया को दिखाने नही दे रहे आप दिखाये कम से कम दुनिया को बताएं।ये ज़ालिम ज़ुल्म की इन्तेहाँ कर रहे है।” the caption read.

When NewsMobile fact-checked the video, we found the claim to be fake.
At 00:28 in the video, the name of the place can be heard loud and clear, the man in the video can be heard saying ‘Karachi’.
We then took the key screengrab from the video and ran a Reverse Image Search on Google with keywords such as ‘Karachi’, ‘ People protest’ and ‘ supreme court’. We found a similar Facebook video with same people in the same setting, whose caption read: “Cheif Justice Pakistan must look into it before the people of Karachi take insaf in there own hand.” This confirms that the video is indeed from Pakistan.
We then ran a Facebook search using same keywords and found the video uploaded on a Facebook page Syed Zafar Abbas Jafri (the man featured in the video). The caption written in Urdu loosely translates to, “Family of the children killed are awaiting Justice. They are waiting outside since 8 am, must share.”

This proves that the video is from Karachi and is not related to Kashmir.

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