Fact Checked: RSS, Congress did not provide this terrorist with money and arms

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A picture post has been making rounds on social media. It states that RSS is supporting terrorists in Kashmir to spread hatred against Muslims.
The post read: “पकड़े गए ज़िंदा कश्मीरी आतंकी ने पूछताछ के दौरान कहा कि आरएसएस हमें हथियार और पैसा मुहैया कराती है और हिंदुओं को मारने के लिए कहती है ताकि हिंदुओं के दिमाग में मुसलमानों के लिए नफ़रत भरी जा सके.”
Translation: “During the interrogation, the captured Kashmiri militant said that the RSS provides them with arms and money and wants to kill the Hindus so that the Hindus can be filled with hate for the Muslims.”

The above post was shared by over 2,000 individuals and several other pages on Facebook.

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Interestingly, the same post was shared with a minor change i.e. the claim was attributed to Congress. It claimed that Congress provided them with arms and money to spread hatred.


When NewsMobile Fact Checked the above posts, we found that the claims made were baseless and FAKE.
When we put the image through a reverse image search, we found that the picture was taken back in September 2016 and man in custody was Lashkar-e-taiba terrorist, Abdul Qayum who is Pakistani national. This busts the claim that he is a Kashmiri terrorist.

One of the news reports read: “BSF jawans caught Lashkar-e-taiba terrorist, Abdul Qayum, when he was crossing the Indian border through Jammu and Kashmir’s Akhnoor. Qayum told BSF jawans that he is a resident of Sialkot, Pakistan and was being trained in Pakistan’s Mukride, Sheikhupura zilla. During interrogation, Qayoom revealed that he is collecting funds for Lashkar.”
Meanwhile, many Indian media organisations covered the story but none of them mentioned that Qayoom named RSS or Congress.

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