Fact Checked: Here's the truth behind this viral women’s safety helpline number

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A post is shared on social media claiming that women travelling alone at night in auto or taxi can SMS the vehicle’s number to the Police and their vehicle will then be traced through GPS.
According to the claim, women can send an SMS on 9969777888 to reach the police.

When NewsMobile Fact-Checked the post, we found out that it is an OLD number.
In 2014, Mumbai Police stated this number only for women in Mumbai but discontinued it in 2017 because of poor response.
If you try and call the number, it says  “this number does not exist”.
In 2016, the Delhi police called out the viral FAKE message.
“Messages on Social Media regarding launch of Delhi Police Women Helpline SMS # 9969777888 for GPS tracking of Auto/Taxi are not true, ” they tweeted.

And then again in 2018, Bengaluru police debunked the same viral message.

Moreover, the picture of PM Narendra Modi has been used in the post. But, the number was launched in March 2014, when he was not the country’s Prime Minister.
This information proves that the post is misleading.