Fact Check: Wrong number being shared as helpline number in the U.S. to claim stimulus check

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A few posts have been doing the rounds on social media with claims that if you call the following number in the U.S. – 18003825277 and enter the last four digits of your social security number – it can help people track the status of their stimulus check.
These are checks, to be given to those in the U.S., who have been financially impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


We fact-checked the above claims and found them to be false.
We googled the keywords and found an article by News website CNET on how to claim stimulus checks. It clearly states that it must be done through the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS website.

Upon further investigation, it was established that the number (in the viral message) connects to an adult entertainment phoneline.
Hence, the claims are false and calling the above-mentioned number will not help you to track your stimulus check in the U.S.

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