Fact Check: TIME magazine did not publish 'TIME…to go' cover featuring Donald Trump

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A picture post of the cover of TIME Magazine is doing the rounds on the internet. The cover features US President Donald Trump, exiting through a door with the text, ‘TIME…to go’, written on it.
The caption of the post reads, ‘Congratulations, Donald J Trump. You made the cover of Time Magazine Again’.

The post has been shared by novelist, Shobhaa De as well.


NewsMobile did a fact check on the picture and found that the claim is fake.
We started our investigation by carefully examining the cover in the viral post. We found that unlike all TIME magazine covers, the cover in the post does not have the date of the issue mentioned on the top right corner.

We further checked the TIME vault, a segment where the magazine keeps the archives of all its covers. We could not find the cover in the archive.

Moreover, the magazine tweeted their latest issue which looks nothing like the cover in the viral picture.

Hence, our investigation proves that the cover in the viral post is fake and not issued by TIME magazine.

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