Fact Check: This picture is NOT of President Donald Trump's rally in Florida; find out the truth

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A picture of a huge crowd gathering is circulating on social media claiming that the picture is of Trump’s rally in Florida.
The Facebook caption read, “Look at all the people NOT social distancing in the middle of a global pandemic waiting for the Trump rally in Florida.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be misleading.
We got our first clue when we saw the same picture in another Facebook post claiming that the false information is being circulated and that this picture is of the Zurich Street Parade in Switzerland.
The Facebook caption read, “Trump supporters, so desperate believe their own narrative, starting to believe that any photo of people behaving irresponsibly (in current times) and not socially distancing must be a Trump rally BELOW PIC: 2019 Zurich (Switzerland) Street Parade. The wrong event, wrong year, wrong country, wrong continent But hey, why let facts get in the way of your narrative”

Taking the clue from the above post, we ran a keyword search and found the same picture in a photo gallery on the website of Street Parade, which took place in Switzerland in 2018. 

Other similar pictures of the festival from different angles were also available on the site.

On comparing the viral post and the real post we can clearly see that this picture is from Switzerland, not Florida.

We also found similar aerial photographs of the event in Switzerland on Hellozurish claiming that the picture is of Verein Street Parade in Zürich, Switzerland.
On comparing the viral picture, Google Maps picture and Google Earth Picture, we can clearly see that the picture is from Switzerland and not Florida.

We also found several pictures of the Donald Trump rally in a news article on Boston Globe dated October 12, 2020, claiming that Trump’s first rally was held in Florida since contracting COVID-19.
Hence, we can say that the social media post in question is misleading.

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