Fact Check: This news clipping of girls assaulted in Lucknow is old and photoshopped

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A picture of newspaper clipping is going viral on social media. According to the headline, a Maulvi was arrested for sexually assaulting 52 girls in a Madrasa.

The news clipping is of Amar Ujala and the location tag says Lucknow.

” मदरसे में यौन शोषण, मौलवी गिरफ्तार, 52 छात्राएं छुड़ाई गई” the headline read.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the newspaper clipping, we found it to be morphed.

We noticed that in the headline, one word of the font was different from that of others.

The font of the word ‘मौलवी’ was slightly bigger in size and also its font was different than the others.

When we run a search using the keywords ‘मदरसे में यौन शोषण Lucknow Amar Ujala’, we found the report by Amar Ujala dated December 30, 2017, and the headline said “लखनऊ के मदरसे में घिनौनी हरकतें: कारी कर रहा था यौन शोषण, छुड़ाई गईं 51 छात्राएं” .

According to the report, the incident is from a madrasa in Sadaatganj in Lucknow, where the girls were held hostages and were sexually assaulted.

We also found the original Amar Ujala News clipping from 2017.

According to the original headline, the ‘manager’ was arrested and not the ‘Maulvi’. And the word ‘Maulvi’ has been photoshopped in the original news clipping.

This proves that the picture has been manipulated and is fake.

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