Fact Check: These pictures of women bleeding is not from Delhi

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A few disturbing pictures of injured women are doing rounds on social media with a claim that they are from the recent Delhi clashes.
” दिल्ली के मौजपुर शिव विहार इलाको के हिंदू घरो में घुस घुसकर माँ बहने मार काट दी गई कैसा भाईचारा इस्लामिक कट्टरपंथ” -the caption read.

Here’s the post link.
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NewsMobile fact-checked the above pict8ure and found that these pictures are old.
Image 1 and 2

We put the images through Reverse Image search and found a tweet dated October 2018 featuring the same pictures. According to the tweet, the incident took place in the “Gopalganj district where the girl was attacked by a Muslim man.” 

We ran a search and found that this incident was falsely given a communal angle. In a Dainik Jagran report, dated Oct 11, 2018, the attacker was identified as Sandeep Giri.
Image 3 and 4
On putting the image through Reverse image search, we found the 3rd images on a YouTube video dated May 2019. We also found the last picture in a tweet dated 2018.
However, NewsMobile independently couldn’t verify the origin of these pictures.

The above information proves that all the pictures in the viral post are OLD and hence the claim is False.

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