FALSE: The claim that taking steam from a pressure cooker can kill Covid 19 virus

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Two videos of people inhaling steam from pressure cookers are doing the rounds on social media claiming that doctors have advised that Coronavirus can be killed by taking steam through nose and mouth.
In the first video, there is a man who has connected two pressure cooker lid with a RO Pipe to produce steam. The video claims that it can be used to take steam and also for sanitisation purpose.
The second video is also similar in which there is a group of people who can be seen taking steam from the pressure cooker.
The Facebook caption read, “* Steam Week *
According to doctors, COVID-19 can be killed by steam from the nose and mouth, eliminating the coronavirus. If all the people start a steam drive campaign for a week, then coronavirus could be ended.
* We urge people all over the world to follow the direction given.*
* Start the steam process for a week from September 27, 2020, to October 3, 2020, that is morning and evening for 5 minutes. By adopting this practice for a week, we are confident that the deadly COVID-19 will be erased*
Doing this will benefit as there are no side effects.
So please send this message to all your relatives, friends and neighbours, to kill this coronavirus together and live and walk freely in this beautiful world.
By doing this, we can get the full benefit. Please share more and more.
* Come, let us take a vow that from 27th September… For a week .. Morning / Evening… For 5 minutes .. Must take steam .. ”!! *
*Thank you*
* You are requested to send this to your known groups *
* Issued in public interest *”

Another similar post was seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be misleading.
With the help of keyword search, ‘pressure cooker steam COVID treatment’, we found an article on Food NDTV dated September 25, 2020, claiming that these practices are some home remedies and are not certified by any scientific organisations. It is better to rely on trusted sources for the correct information regarding the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 treatment.

In the same news article we also found a tweet by Fameem Younus, MD, Chief of Infectious Diseases, UM UCH, dated September 23, 2020, claiming that these practices are completely useless.

Another article by TOI dated September 28, 2020, concludes by saying that it is suggested to rely on trusted sources and not on social media posts.
Moreover, we also found another tweet by Business Today dated September 24, 2020, claiming that top doctors have warned against this ridiculous idea of taking steam from the pressure cooker to fight against Coronavirus.

For further investigation, we found the WHO website related to heat and steam for the treatment of Coronavirus and found that there is no known and certified treatment for COVID-19 as of yet.

Moreover, we also found an educational video on YouTube by Drbeen Medical Lectures claiming that hot fluid and steam can cause severe damage to our mouth, throat, and respiratory system. Potentially even causing acute respiratory distress syndrome (due to widespread airway tissue damage,) and can kill the person.

Earlier also NewsMobile has debunked a similar fact related to steam claiming that coronavirus can be killed by inhaling steam at 70°C.
In conclusion, social media claims in question are false and misleading.

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