Fact Check: Post about Govt giving Rs 7,500 to each citizen untrue

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A message is being circulated on social media stating that the Centre is giving a ‘free’ relief fund of Rs 7,500 to each citizen. Some of the posts shared the same post but the amount changed either to Rs 5,000 or Rs 2000.
FG has finally approved and have started giving out free _R7,500_ Relief Funds to each citizen😍Below is how to claim and get yours credit Instantly as I have just did now
Note: You can only claim and get credited once and it’s also limited so get your now Instantly, ” the viral message read.

Link to the above post (archived post).


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post and found it to be fake.
Government sources have confirmed that the post in question is clickbait.

In fact, the Press Information Bureau (PIB), in a tweet, explicitly clarified that this information is FAKE.

When we clicked the website link, it led us to a website that did not have any government credentials. The page shows that precisely 1,936 lockdown packages are left and numbers did not change throughout the process.

Then they asked a series of questions like, are you a Bonafide Indian Citizen. On clicking yes, we were navigated to the amount selection page.

After completing the procedure, the site asks you to share the link on WhatsApp groups to avail the amount.

However, no bank details or personal details were asked for throughout the process. It should also be noted that the URL does not have a gov.in or nic.in domain, which all government-run websites have.

The above information proves that no such schemes of any amount have been launched by the Indian Government. Hence, the posts in question are fake.

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