Fact Check: Old and unrelated picture of Rohingya girl shared as poor Indian migrant

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A photo of a teary-eyed young girl carrying luggage on her head is being circulated on different social media sites.
The caption of the post reads: “पत्थरों पर लहू ही लहू रह गया खून बिखरा हुआ चार सू रह गया । उनकी चीखें फ़ज़ाओं में गुम हो गईं राह तकती हुई बेटियॉं रह गईं ! उस करोडों वाले राहत पैकेज में इन ग़रीबों के लिये भी कुछ है या नहीं साहब ?”
(Translation-Blood is left on the stones. The blood was left scattered. Their screams were lost in the whims. The daughters were left in the way! Is there anything for these poor people in that multi-million relief package or not?)
The caption is in reference to the mega economic relief package worth Rs 20 lakh crore announced by PM Narendra Modi amid the economic crisis being witnessed as a fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.


NewsMobile fact-checked the picture and found that it is old and unrelated to the ongoing economic crisis in the country.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we found a report published on CNBC, dated February 23, 2018, featuring the same picture. The headline of the report read ’10 global hotspots for major human rights violations in 2017′.

The description of the picture read ‘A Rohingya girl cries as refugees fleeing from Myanmar cross a stream in the hot sun on a muddy rice field on October 16, 2017, near Palang Khali, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Paula Bronstein | Getty Images’.
The picture was taken in 2017 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh and shows a Rohingya refugee fleeing from Myanmar.
Hence, our investigation proves that the picture is old and is not related to the ongoing economic crisis due to COVID-19 in India.

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