Fact Check: Is this the grave of Urdu Poet Rahat Indori? Here’s the truth

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Acclaimed Urdu poet Rahat Indori passed away due to massive heart attack in a hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where he was undergoing treatment for COVID-19. He was 70.

Following his demise, a picture of a grave covered with flowers is doing rounds on social media claiming that it is Rahat Indori’s grave.

The Facebook caption read, “दो गज सही मगर ये मेरी मिल्कियत तो हैएै मौत तूने मुझको ज़मींदार कर दियाअलविदा राहत साहब/  अल्लाह आपको जन्नत में आला मुकाम दे/ इन्ना lillahe वा इन्ना illahe rajiwoon ”

(Translation: “This two yards is my property. O death, you have made me a landlord of this property. Goodbye Rahat Sahab. May Allah give you a good place in heaven Inna lillahe wa inna illahe rajiwoon”)

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NewsMobile fact checked the above post and found it to be misleading.

On putting the picture through Google Reverse Image Search, we found this picture in a video on YouTube dated July 31, 2017. This video was uploaded on Moinuddin1461 123, a YouTube channel with the video title, “Mere Dada Ji Ki Qabar” (English Translation: My grandfather’s grave).

Hence, the above information proves that the picture of the grave with flower bedding is not of Urdu poet Rahat Indori.

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