Fact Check: Don't fall for this fabricated television grab of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

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A television grab of ABP News has gone viral all over social media, claiming that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has said that he does not care about upper-caste voters.
The Facebook read, “अब सोचो जरा सवर्ण जाती के लोग हमारा वोटर नहीं है जो हम उनकी परवाह करते मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार”
(Translation: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar think that the people of the upper caste are not our voters, we don’t care about them.)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be altered and misleading.
We got our first clue when we looked at the screen grab carefully and noticed that there was no uniformity in the screen grab text.

Also, we noticed that there were many spelling mistakes and found a satirical phrase at the bottom of the screen grab.

We then looked at one of the reports by ABP News on their official YouTube channel. 

With the help of Fake vs Real collage, we can clearly spot the differences. We can see that the font is different and also the style of ‘Breaking News’ differs.

When we searched for keywords such as, ‘Nitish Kumar on upper-caste voters in Bihar’, we did not find any recent news articles to support the claim that  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar or other JDU Members have claimed that they are not in favour of upper-caste voters.
However, we found an article in Aaj Tak dated February 13, 2019, claiming that a discussion was held in Bihar Assembly for 10% reservation of under privileged upper castes in Bihar.

We found a YouTube video on Ajay Bharat dated February 18, 2019, in which Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is seen discussing the reservation bill in favour of unprivileged upper-caste.

Further, we also found another video on YouTube by The Garam Post dated January 21, 2019, claiming that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has taken many initiatives to support unprivileged upper-caste reservations.
Hence, we can say that the ABP News television grab is fake and the quote has been falsely attributed to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.

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