Fact Check: Don't believe this viral post about a JNU student, it's false

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For a while now, JNU students are protesting against the hostel fees hike and in the meanwhile, pictures of random students protesting are being shared with misleading claims.
A picture of a student along with another picture a girl with alcohol is being shared with a claim that they are both the same.
“मोहतरमा 300 रूपए फीस नही दे सकती, मंहगी शराब, सिगरेट पर हजारो रूपये फूंक सकती ।आखिर कब तक हम अपनी मेहनत की कमाई से इन हरामखोरो को पालते रहेंगे ।
JNU बंद करो 😠” the caption read. 

Here is the post link.

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When NewsMobile fact-checked the above post, we found it to be fake.
On putting the image of the protesting student, we found several articles featuring the same picture, however, she was not identified in any of those articles.
We then started checking social media and YouTube using several permutations and combinations of keywords and stumbled upon a video where she was identified as Priyanka Bharti.

We found out that Priyanka was the CRJD (the student wing of the RJD) Presidential candidate of JNUSU 2019.
NewsMobile contacted her through her social media account and she confirmed that the woman in the other picture (with alcohol) is not her.
“This picture is (being) used to malign my character, ” she told NewsMobile.
We also found her picture from the protest on her Facebook page.

NewsMobile could not independently verify the identity of the other woman, however, the above information clarifies that the two women in the viral post are not the same.
Hence, the above posts are False.

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