Don't believe on the FAKE pictures spread as new smart fencing on Indian border

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With national security being the topmost concern for India when the country is facing the menace of terrorism emanating from across the border, a set of pictures has gone viral on social media claiming to ‘Smart Fencing’ at the Indian border.

Photos are captioned with the following text:

“मोदी जी, आप ने दिल खुश कर दिया आज हमारी सरहद पर इज़राईल की तर्ज पर स्मार्ट फेसिंग लग रही है, पेट्रोल और डीजल के बढ़ने पर अब हमें महसूस हो गया है कि हमारे पैसे सही जगह जा रहे ।”

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Translation -“Modi Ji, you made our heart happy, today smart fence is placed on our border like Israel’s. After the hike in the rate of Petrol and Diesel, now we feel our money is being used at right place.


The above claims went viral just a few days after Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced smart fencing on 16th September 2018 and no such fencings have been constructed till now. Hence above claims in the viral posts are FAKE.
As far as pictures are concerned, when NewsMobile fact-checked the pictures we found out that the fencings in the picture belong from different parts of the world.
The first picture in the viral post is from Alaska:

The picture below is from the Indian border which was as old as 2013: 

The picture below is from Egypt Border, which was taken in 2012 or before:


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