Did RTI reveal PM Modi spends 8 million per month on makeup? Here's the fact check

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A video clip has been making rounds on the internet that claims that Prime Minister Narendra Modi spends 80 lakhs per month on beauticians for makeup.
The caption of the video reads- “Information received through RTI reveals that, on an average, Rs 80 lacs are paid to the beautician each month for make up of our PM”

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The video clip was shared by the official Congress Gurugram Facebook page.

We found that the video clip was being shared widely over social media.


When we fact-checked the post, we found out that the claim is false.
When we put a screengrab of the video clip through Reverse Image Search, we found a video on YouTube.
The video was posted on  May 19, 2016. It shows a team of sculptors at Madame Tussauds museum, Singapore taking the measurement for the installation of his wax statue at the museum.
Moreover, there are no media reports that back this claim.
The above information proves that the claim is FAKE.

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