Did NASA say that all planets will be in alignment on April 5 between 9- 9:09 pm? Here's the truth

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Posts have been circulating on social media, claiming that NASA has declared that all planets will be in perfect alignment on Sunday, April 5, 2020, between 9 and 9:09 pm.
It further states that this would be the perfect time to light a Diya or candle, as this ritual can kill Coronavirus.



We fact-checked the above claim and found it to be false.
Firstly, we did not find any such information on the official NASA Twitter handle or website.
Further, we checked if there is ever a time when the 9 planets are perfectly aligned together. We came across an article on BBC Science Focus magazine stating that the likelihood of this phenomenon taking place is extremely rare.

According to the above article, such an event, if ever, would take place next in May 2492.
Moreover, there is no evidence to prove that lighting a candle or a Diya would kill coronavirus. Here’s the public advisory issued by WHO.
Hence this news is fake.

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