Did four Dubai-returned youth deny Coronavirus test due to religious faith? Here's the truth

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An article has been circulating on the Internet claiming that four individuals denied taking a test for Coronavirus, stating that their religion – Islam – doesn’t allow it. The article is posted on a blog named FactShala, attributing it to a regional Karnataka media called Public TV.

Link to the above post.

The article also lists some other pieces of information such as the first death in India due to Coronavirus was of a man named Mohammed Hussain Siddiqui who had returned from Dubai.


By inputting keywords from this information, we did a fact check on it. We came across no credible media reports with any such information. We found the article on Public TV, which is claimed to be the source of the information on FactShala, and found any such mention to be missing.

We also further concluded that FactShala has posted other false information in the article as well. For example, it mentions that India’s first coronavirus deceased returned from Dubai when in fact he had returned from Saudi Arabia.

Hence, is it confirmed that the news is unverified and should not be considered as true.

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