Did co-workers pose with a 'sleeping' man, who died of a heart attack? Here's the fact check

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A picture of a man sleeping with a bunch of people around him posing for a photograph is doing rounds on social media with a claim that the man suffered a heart attack while his co-workers pose for a group photo thinking he has fallen asleep.

“Man suffers heart attack, dies at work, coworkers gather for group selfie thinking he’d fallen asleep, ” the text read.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the claim, we found it to be fake.

When we cropped the picture and run it through Reverse Image Search, we found an article by CBC News dated February 5, 2016, titled “Internet laughs at Montreal man who fell asleep at work.”

According to the article, the man identified as Eduard Paraschivescu was an intern at a company called Gsoft and he soft fell asleep on his second day at work.

The picture was also uploaded by Gsoft on their Facebook page.

Eduard posted this picture on Reddit and soon it became a viral meme on the internet.

Taking to Huffington Post he said, “One of the associates noticed me sleeping, and it just went downhill from there!”

The above information proves that the man is not dead but in fact, was asleep when the photo was taken.

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