Cop in Bihar's Hajipur did not contract COVID-19; here's the truth behind this viral video

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A video is doing the rounds on social media in which a policeman can be seen struggling to walk and eventually falls down after taking a few steps. It is being claimed that the cop in the video is a Constable at Bihar’s Hajipur Jail who had contracted Coronavirus.

At the time of filing this report, the above video was shared by over 1,700 Facebook users.

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We fact-checked the above post and found that the claim attached to the video is misleading.
SP (Superintendent of Police) of Hajipur Dr Gaurav Mangla clarified to NewsMobile that the video in question is of a mock drill which was conducted earlier this month to ensure preparedness among the cops in time of Coronavirus.
“This is the video of the mock-drill which was conducted to deal with a situation if someone contracts COVID-19,” Mangla told NewsMobile.
He also confirmed that none of the police officials contracted the Coronavirus.
On digging further, we found the same video on a YouTube channel dated April 12, 2020. Its headline read- “ये वीडियो जेल के अंदर संभावित कोरोना संक्रमण को लेकर अलर्ट हेतु दिखाया गया है।”

In conclusion, it has been established that the video in question is of a mock drill and the claim attached with the video is FAKE.

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