Cong leader shares FAKE claim about ICMR buying COVID-19 testing kits at exaggerated price

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A claim is doing the rounds on social media, according to which, as many as 17 companies have agreed to give Coronavirus testing kits at Rs 500 each. Even then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the contract ‘to a Gujarati company, which is selling the kit at Rs 4,500’.
The claim in Hindi read: “कोरोना किट बनाकर 17 कंपनियां 500 रुपए में देने को तैयार थीं। मगर पीएम ने ठेका एक गुजराती कंपनी को दिला दिया जो कोरोना किट 4500 रुपए मैं बेच रही है। जय हो मोदी|”
(Translation: “17 companies prepared the Corona kits and offered to sell it for Rs 500. But PM gave the contract to a Gujarati company which is selling Corona kit for Rs 4500.)

A screenshot of one such claim was shared by Congress leader and former Member of Parliament from Delhi, Udit Raj.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be FAKE.
ICMR replying to Raj, clarified that the above claim is false.
“This is Fake News. Price range approved by ICMR is ₹740-1150 for RT-PCR and ₹528-795 for Rapid Test. No test has been procured at ₹4500,” ICMR said.

On digging further, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) in a tweet explicitly clarified that this information is untrue and claims of Coronavirus test kits being bought at an inflated price by ICMR is FAKE.

Hence, the above information proves that the claim in circulation is untrue.

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