Assam cops didn't thrash this pregnant woman; here's the fact check

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A Facebook post is going viral which claims that a pregnant woman was tortured in BJP ruled, Assam.

একটি BJP শাসিত রাজ্য – আসাম
এক গর্ভবতী মহিলাকে গাছে বেঁধে সারাদিন নির্যাতন।
এর পরেও BJP-কে বর্বর না বললে কবে বলবো?
Google Translation
“A BJP ruled state – Assam
Torture a pregnant woman on a tree and torture throughout the day.
Even then when I say that the BJP is not barbaric?”

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On Fact Checking the claims it revealed that the incident happened in Dimali, Bangladesh a year ago, Aug 2017.
According to an article published in Bangla Tribune in August 2017 that said the woman was beaten up by police on the suspicion of smuggling cows.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi women constables are wearing a blue uniform, while their Indian counterparts wear khaki.