Are 70% Coronavirus cases found in Muslims? Here’s the truth

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A post is being shared on social media alleging that 70% of the Coronavirus cases are found in Muslims.
“More than 70% of the CORONA cases are MUSLIMS
And its just because fo the Sheer Stupidity & Blind Belief of my COMMUNITY
Pls wake up my Muslim friends. Allah is surely with us in our hard times. But only we can save ourselves from this Pandemic, ” the post said.
The original post is below:

At the time of writing this report, it had more than 700 retweets and 1.1 thousand likes.

This above post had more than 3,000 shares.


Since the post is being shared excessively, we fact-checked the claim.
We found no such information available on any verified media outlets.
We also tracked the background of the person who had tweeted this and found multiple posts that targeted Muslims.

Additionally, we found multiple news articles online which stated that action can be taken against people who reveal the identity of any Coronavirus victims.

This goes on to show that revealing identity-related details of Coronavirus cases is not allowed.
Hence, the posts are not derived from any factual information and thus constitute fake news.

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