Were the fireworks for Tokyo Olympics 2020 recently showcased at Mount Fuji? Here's the fact check

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A video featuring fireworks is doing the rounds on social media, with a claim, that the fireworks display prepared for the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 were recently showcased at Mount Fuji, Japan, as the fireworks cannot be stored till 2021, the year that they have now been rescheduled for.

More such posts can be seen here, here, here and here.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above video and found that the claim attached to it is FAKE.
We extracted keyframes of the video and on putting them through Reverse Image Search along with certain keywords, we came across the same video posted on YouTube on December 01, 2015.

The description of the video suggested that it is not real but a simulation.
On digging further, we found that the video was created using online simulation software, Fwsim.

Moreover, we scanned through international and Japanese media outlets and found no report that suggested such an event to have taken place in Japan.
Hence, with the above fact-check, we can conclude that the video in question is simulated and the claim attached to it is false.

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