This post about first Indian woman selected by NASA for their mission is fake

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A post is being circulated on social media claiming that Jasleen Kaur Josan became the first Indian woman to be selected by NASA to be sent to Mars for a mission.
The caption reads- “Jasleen Kaur Josan becomes first Indian women to be selected by NASA for their mission. She will ne the first Indian to go to Mas and return to Earth a proud moment for India.”


When our team of fact checkers checked the claim we found that the claim was FAKE.
We found a ‘clarification post’ by Jasleen Josan on her Facebook profile who called herself an ‘aspiring astronaut’. She wrote, “NASA has not made any such announcement yet about the final selection of Astronauts to go to Mars, they are still working on it…It’s a misunderstood statement by media, that I am officially selected to go to Mars in 2030.”

The above information proves that the claim is fake and the post shouldn’t be shared.

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