This man is not carrying the horse because it was bitten by a snake; here's the truth

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A video is doing rounds on social media saying that the man in the video carried his horse on his shoulder for 3 km after he was bitten by a snake. ‘Both man & horse now fit & fine’, the claim said.
The video was uploaded by Priya Gupta, Founder of Mamata Films, who also co-produced Tumhari Sulu and Blackमेल. It was retweeted by more than 600 people on twitter and was liked by over 6000 people.

A quick Google search with the keywords ‘man with horse on back’, got us this result.

On further research, we found out that this man is a Ukrainian strongman Dmytro Vasilievich Khaladzhi.
A Youtube page ‘WORKOUT’ posted this video in 2017 and in the description it said that Dmitriy Khaladzhi (19 April 1979) – Ukrainian sportsman, champion of the 1st championship of the Ukrainian Drug-free Powerlifting Federation (in bench press) in 2009.

The headline of a report by ‘ The Sun’ published on 28th November 2017, read  ‘This crazy hard man carries horses on his back, bites through metal and gets RUN OVER just to prove how strong he is’

So, even though the video is real, the claim is fake.

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