This is a two year old picture; don't believe this viral tweet

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While social media is outpoured with posts on Kerala floods. One of the prominent Twitter handle which belongs to former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt posted a picture on Tuesday in which an Electrical Linemen is seen working on electric poles specifically claiming to be taken just 5 days ago.
Bhatt Wrote: “Kerala State Electricity Board workers trying to restore power even while facing heavy rains. This photograph was taken 5 days ago. Now you know why Modi and his Sanghi Thugs viscerally hate Kerala.”

A Malayalam news channel Twentyfour News also used the same picture in an article titled Restoring Power : KSEB begins “Mission Reconnect”


Bhatt very specifically said that the picture was taken 5 days ago. But when we fact-checked the image it was revealed that though the picture is real and the workers in the picture belongs to the Kerala State Electricity Board but it was not taken 5-days back.
When we put the above picture in the Google Reverse Image Search tool, we came across an article which was dated October 27, 2016in which the same picture was used which proves that it was definitely not taken five-days ago.

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Well, this is not the first time Bhatt spread the fake news on Twitter. Earlier he posted a morphed picture of Adolf Hitler comparing it with a picture of PM Modi.

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