Salman Khan did not gift Ranu Mondal a house worth Rs. 55 lakh; here's the fact check

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Ranu Mondal became an overnight internet sensation after a video of her singing Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai went viral on social media.
Soon after a post started trending on social media claiming that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has gifted her a house worth  Rs. 55 lakh.



When NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post, we found it to be false.
In an article posted on Aug 30, 2019, Hindustan Times as stated that according to Atindra Chakraborty, Ranu Mondal’s manager, this news is ‘fake’.
“All these are fake news. I’ve been getting several calls since this rumour started doing rounds. She has no such offer. The house that is being made for her is by Ranaghat local administration. The channel who gave her the opportunity to perform live on TV along with the local administration helped her get her Aadhaar card made,” he told Hindustan Times.
Another article by NDTV, also confirmed that the news is false. According to the article, Vicky Biswas, a member of Ranaghat’s Amra Shobai Shoitan club has denied any such news. “Two members of our club had shot the video of her song at Ranaghat station which became viral on social media. Since then, we have been looking after Ranu di. We haven’t heard anything about Salman Khan gifting a flat worth Rs. 55 lakh to Ranu di. It’s fake news that is being spread on social media, ” Vicky Biswas told newswire IANS in an interview.
Moreover, a Times of India report posted on August 28, 2019, quoted a source close to the actor as saying, “There is no truth in this piece of news. Salman has neither bought a house for the lady nor there is any discussion about the song”.
The above information proves that the viral news is in fact fake.

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