Relax! Your calls and messages are not being monitored

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Social messaging platform with over 200 million active Indian users, WhatsApp, is one of the most effective messaging tools across the globe and it has the immense power to spread the message to the masses.
The latest WhatsApp forward claims that as per the revised ‘communication regulations’, all the calls and messages will be recorded and all the social media activities of every citizen will be on surveillance.

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The above message was fake as there was no such notification on the Press Information Bureau and the Ministry of Telecommunications website.
Any ministry did not release any circular or press release that can validate these messages that are currently doing the rounds. The news is only circulated on WhatsApp, which is far from a credible and verifiable source of information.
Meanwhile, Article 21 of the Indian Constitution clearly states that no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. Under this, ideally, no governmental/public body can record, save or monitor a citizen’s private conversations. The government of a democratic country cannot, without any legal circumstance, invade the privacy of its citizens.

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