Old video from Pakistan re-shared claiming to be from Kashmir

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A video is doing rounds on social media in which police officials can be seen cracking down on a residence. It has been claimed that the video is from Kashmir.
The caption of the video read: “गोदि मीडिया ये दिखाने में लगा है कि कश्मीर में लोग अमन से हैं”
(Translation: Godi media is trying to show that people in Kashmir are for peace)


When NewsMobile fact-checked the above video, we found that the video is not from Kashmir.
On putting the keyframes of the video through Reverse Image Search, we found that the video is from Pakistan.
We came across a news report by Dunya News that states the above incident. The incident took place on June 2013 in Pakistan’s Faisalabad.

The report stated that ‘five personnel of Elite Force were suspended on the charge that they forced into the houses of citizens and tortured the women.’
The above information proves that the video is old and it is not from Pakistan.

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