Old picture of a mother and an infant resurfaced with FAKE claim related to COVID-19

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A picture is going viral on social media in which a woman can be seen lying on a hospital bed covered with a transparent sheet while she is holding an infant. It is being claimed that this is a recent picture following the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The caption of the picture read: “कोई शब्द है आपके पास ??
इसी लिए कहता हूँ “घर में रहो” बस…😭😭😭
सच मे रुला देने वाली तस्वीर है ये….”

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above picture and found that the picture is old.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we found the same picture on the official website of Magnum Photos.
According to the caption, the picture in question is from 1985, taken by Burt Glinn at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.
The caption read: “Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center – Infant inside Laminar Air Flow Room protection from infection. The child has been irradiated prior to marrow transplant.”

Hence, the above information proves that the picture is old and it has no connection with Coronavirus.

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