NRI man returns to find his mother's skeleton at home? Here's the truth behind this picture

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A picture of a skeleton is doing rounds on social media with a claim that it’s of Asha Sahani, mother of NRI Rituraj Sahani who returned from America after a long time.
The narrative also suggests that the woman died in that house ten months ago and her corpse was found only when Rituraj Sahani returned to India.
यह मुम्बई की करोड़पति स्त्री का शव है। एक करोड़पति NRI पुत्र की माँ की लाश है। लगभग 10 माह से 7 करोड़ के फ़्लैट में मरी पड़ी थी। अमेरिका में रहने वाले इंजीनियर ऋतुराज साहनी लंबे अरसे बाद अपने घर मुंबई लौटे, तो घर पर उनका सामना किसी जीवित परिजन की जगह अपनी मां के कंकाल से हुआ। बेटे को नहीं मालूम कि उसकी मां आशा साहनी की मौत कब और किन परिस्थितियों में हुई। आशा साहनी के बुढ़ापे की एकमात्र आशा ‘उनके इकलौते बेटे’ ने खुद स्वीकार किया कि उसकी मां से आखिरी बातचीत कोई सवा साल पहले बीते साल अप्रैल में हुई थी….” the text read (to read the full caption, see the post)


NewsMobile fact checked the post and found that the picture is not related to the narrative.
On putting the image through Reverse Image Search, we found several reports on  Nigerian websites.
A report published on The Sun News website dated October 15, 2016, features the same image. The title of the report reads, “Human skeleton found in pastor’s house in Ogun.” As per the report, ‘the shocking discovery was made when the owner of the pastor’s house tried to evict him from his flat over late payment of rent’.

We then ran a Google search to check if the narrative is real. We found several reports dated back to 2017 verifying the viral narrative.
According to the report, Rituraj Sahani returned home from America to find his mother, Asha Sahni’s skeleton in their posh Oshiwara flat in Mumbai. The police also found a suicide note written by Asha Sahani in April 2016, saying that no one was responsible for her death.

The above information proves that even though the narrative is correct, the picture circulating with it is not from India.

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