No! This child did not die in Bihar floods; here’s the fact check

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A picture of a dead child at the banks of a river is going viral on social media with the claim that the child has died due to the flash flood in the state of Bihar.
The caption of the picture read: ” बिहार बाढ़ ट्रासदी का सबसे दुखद तस्विर ..
जिमेवार कौन …???????”
(Translation: The saddest picture of Bihar flood…who’s responsible???????)


When the fact-checking team at NewsMobile did a fact-check, we found that the claim attached to the picture is FAKE.
On putting the keywords like ‘Muzaffarpur’, ‘child death’, we found an article by dated July 18, 2019.

According to the statement by Muzaffarpur DM, the child in the picture did not die because of the flood but was thrown into the river by his mother after she had a fight with her husband.
We also found a tweet by newswire ANI on the incident.

 The above information proves that the child in the viral picture did not die in Bihar floods.

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