No! The volcano in the video is not Indonesia's Sinabung volcano

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A video has surfaced on the internet in which a terrifying volcano eruption can be seen.
The claim attached to the video is that the volcano in the video is the Sinabung volcano in Indonesia that erupted on June, 9th, 2019.
The caption of the video read: “Sinabung volcano Sumatra Indonesia 🇮🇩 on sunday the 9th June 2019 at 04:28. Watch till the end.”


When we did a fact check on the video, we found that the video is not real.
On putting the screengrabs of the keyframes of the video, we found the original video in an article dated October 20, 2017.
The video is created by an Australian geologist and is a representation of an underwater volcanic eruption off the coast of New Zealand.

This simulation video only shows what could happen if an underwater volcano erupts close to an inhabited mainland.
Hence, the above information proves that volcano in the video is not the Sinabung volcano in Indonesia.

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