No! PM Modi did not ask a child to say 'Rahul Gandhi papu hai' on stage

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A video showing Prime Minister Modi with a girl on stage has been doing rounds on social media.
In the video, PM Modi is seen taking a small girl to the podium and encouraging her to say something on the mike. The girls then say ” राहुल गांधी पप्पू है” ( Rahul Gandhi is papu), for which she is praised by our Prime Minister.
The post read, ‘#इस को देश का प्रधानमंत्री कहने में भी सर्म आती है #Nicha karma’ ( we are ashamed of even calling him the prime minister of our country).

Fact Check
When we cut a frame from the video and reverse search it on Google, we came across various reports dated back in 2016.
In reality, that video is from PM Modi’s rally in Navsari, Gujarat, on his 66th birthday. The girl in the video is visually-impaired and in the original video PM is seen encouraging her to recite a snippet of Ramayana.
The video was shared by the PM on 17 September 2016.

This proves that the video that has gone viral is doctored.

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