BSP leader and his goons did not strip Dalit woman; here's the reality of this picture

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A picture is making rounds on social media in which a man is seen stripping a woman in broad daylight in the middle crowd. The caption claims that the man in the picture is the BSP leader, Bakruddin Ansari, who had stripped a Dalit woman off her clothes.

The caption read: ये कोई फिल्मी सीन नही है दलीत भाईयो बसपा नेता बकरूद्दीन अन्सांरी अपने गुन्डो के साथ मिलकर दलीत महिला को सारे बाजर किया नंगा देख लो इन कुत्तों की दबंगई.
Translation: This is not a movie scene. Dalit brothers, BSP leader Bakruddin Ansari, with his goons, a Dalit woman has been stripped.

At the time of reporting the post was shared by over 9,000 Facebook users.

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The same post was shared by another account which was later deleted.


When NewsMobile put the viral picture through the Google Reverse Image search, we found that the picture is a screen grab from a Bhojpuri movie ‘Aurat Khilona Nahin.’

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While fact-checking for the authenticity of the picture, we came across a blog post dated August 2014, which had used the same picture which talks about the movie.

Meanwhile, the full movie is also available to watch on YouTube and at 2 hours 11 minute, the same frame can be seen.

Interestingly, the same picture went viral during the Basirhat riots in July 2017.

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