No, people in this video are not farmers and businessmen protesting against PM Modi

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A video is being shared on social media with a claim that farmers and businessmen in Haryana are protesting against Prime Minister Modi.

” आज हरियाणा में मोदी का अंतिम संश्कार व्यापारी एवं किसानों द्वारा भारी जनसंख्या में किया गया परंतु कोई भी चैनल इसे दिखाने की हिम्मत नहीं कर रहा


When NewsMobile fact checked the video, we found the claim ti be fake.

In the video, the protests can be heard saying “राम बिलास मर गया, खट्टर मर गया”.
We then search on all social media platforms and found a video of the same incident streamed live by a Facebook user on September 17.

” खट्टर के मरने पर करनाल मे गेस्ट टीचर खट्टर का पिण्डदान करते हुए। ताकि खट्टर की आत्मा को कभी शांति न मिले। ” the caption read.

One user also uploaded the viral video with the caption ” करनाल मे गेस्ट टीचर सरकार का अन्तिम सँस्कार करते हुए ”

As per the video captions, the guest teachers were protesting in Karnal against the Haryana government. When we ran a Google search, we found an article by The Tribune India dated September 17. We also found the video report on their YouTube channel.

The above information proves that the claim attached to this the viral video is false.

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