NewsMobile Fact Checker: 10 FAKE news you thought were real

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It used to be that a picture was worth a thousand words, what you recorded on camera was proof enough and the written word was sacrosanct. Alas No more.
While the spurt of social media platforms has been a boon for connectivity and inclusion, its emerging role in spreading rumours and fake news has sounded alarmed bells at all levels.
News mobile has made it a mission to nick the rumours in the bud and bust the fake news.
Here is what we have been busy doing in 2018:

BBC didn’t predict win for BJP in Rajasthan; don’t believe the FAKE opinion poll

No! PM Modi did not ask a child to say ‘Rahul Gandhi papu hai’ on stage

Amazon is not selling Apple Watch for Rs 11; here’s the reality behind this WhatsApp Forward

This is not an IAS officer or her father in the picture

RaGa was not watching porn on his phone

Relax! Your calls and messages are not being monitored

Here’s the truth behind the ‘GhostCrash’

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