Hyderabad Rape Case: Don’t believe what’s written on Swara and Kareena's placard

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Following the brutal Hyderabad veterinary surgeon’s rape and murder case which shook the country, a picture collage of Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar and Kareena Kapoor has surfaced on the internet in which the two actors can be seen holding a placard.

Swara Bhaskar’s placard in Hindi read: आरोपी मुस्लिम है और पीड़ित काफ़ी हिन्दू है इसलिए हम से उम्मीद न करें हमारी मोमबत्ती अभी कही और इस्तेमाल हो रही है|
(Translation: “The accused is Muslim and the victim is Hindu, so do not expect from us”)
Kareena Kapoor’s placard in Hindi read: “मुझे विरोध करने के पैसे नहीं मिले हैं इसलिए विरोध की उम्मीद न करें काफ़ी हिन्दू लड़कियों के साथ बलात्कार जायज़ है मौलवी जी कहिन”
(Translation: I have not got the money to protest, so do not expect protest. Maulvi ji said Rape of Hindu girls is justified”)

NewsMobile fact-checked the above post we found it to be FAKE.
On cropping and putting both the pictures through a simple Reverse Image Search saperately and we found the original pictures, and placard in which read something else.
We found Swara Bhaskar’s original picture on her verified Instagram in which she was showing her outrage against the infamous Kathua rape incident.

She had shared the picture on April 13th, 2018.
The original picture of Kareena Kapoor was tweeted by Swara Bhasar on her verified (@ReallySwara) Twitter handle on April 14th, 2018. In the placard, Kareena was also expressing her outrage against the infamous Kathua rape incident.

In conclusion, the pictures of both actresses are over a year old and they have been manipulated using Photoshop software to create a false narrative.

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