Helmets are still mandatory in the municipal corporation boundaries; don't believe the FAKE post

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A post is making rounds on social media according to which it is not mandatory to use helmets in the municipal corporation boundaries, and also that the court has rejected inspection of helmet usage in all states.
It was claimed that the above statement was made by a lawyer Devendra Pratap Singh Chauhan.
The post read: 👉 * breaking news * 1
* Helmet Free *
* Now that the helmet checking was going on in all the states, the court has rejected it, *
* According to the request of Sagar Kumar Jain, the use of helmets will not be compulsory for the driver in the Municipal Corporation boundary. So you can tell that I am within the bounds of the Municipal Panchayat Samiti city. You will be glad to hear that. *
* Share this message as much as people know … !! *
* Your own *
* Devendra Pratap Singh Chauhan Advocate *
* Region President *
* Joint Advocate Federation *


When NewsMobile fact-checked the above post, we found it to be false.
On simply searing the for Devendra Pratap Singh Chauhan Advocate on Google, we came across a video by Devendra Pratap himself in which is making an appeal that he did not make the viral claim over the usage of helmets.

Moreover, the Supreme Court or any other court has not given a verdict rejecting helmet inspection in all states.
Hence, the above information proves that the viral claim is FAKE.

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