Gurmehar Kaur did BBC interview in London, not in Pakistan

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A video of student activist Gurmehar Kaur is doing rounds on social media claiming she went to Pakistan after the Pulwama attack and spoke on how such attack hurt the minorities.
“Gulmohar goes to Pakistan just to say an attack like Pulwama hurts minorities
Gurmehr was funded by whom?? Was it @priyankagandhi as she is her role model?
But bigger question is why she is in Pakistan ? ” the post read.

Responding to one of the tweets with the same claim Gurmehar Kaur herself clarified that she has never been to Pakistan.
“Are you fucking daft? Stop spreading fake news. I’ve never been to pakistan. @Twitter @TwitterIndia @misskaul can you please check this handle spreading this nonsense?” she wrote on Twitter.
The video that is going viral is a clip from a report from BBC Urdu. They posted the video on YouTube on Feb 15, 2019.

At the start of the interview, the BBC journalist himself says that he is reporting from London Studio. 10 minutes and 55 seconds( video counter) into the programme, he says that Guremher Kaur is present with him at the studio.
Also, the clip has been presented out of context here. At video counter 12:18 the reporter asks her if any impact of the attack can be seen on the internal politics in India just before the elections?
To which she replies “It is still visible, how politicians are using the attack for their benefit.
Because of the attack, there is so much hatred in the minds of the people. It is often noticed that after such attacks, Islam and Pakistan are seen in the same light.  And when an attack like this happens it hurts our minorities and there are a lot of politicians who bank on this polarisation within the country before the elections. What’s important is that people don’t pay heed to it.”
This Fact Check proves that Kaur was not in Pakistan but was in London at the time of the interview and also the clip that is being circulated has been taken out of context giving it a negative twist.

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