Fake News: This animated video does not show the prototype for the upcoming Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

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An animated video has been doing the rounds on social media, with claims that it is the model for the upcoming Ram temple in Ayodhya. The video shows a huge all-white temple.

The caption read: “ऐसा होगा हमारे प्रभू #श्रीराम का भव्य मंदिर
मेरे प्रभु की जन्म भूमि से तिरपाल हट रहा है,,भारत नई दिशा मैं आगे बढ रहा है।
#आयोध्या करती है आह्वान ,,ठाठ से कर मंदिर निर्माण”

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found that the video does not depict the Ram Mandir and is hence false.
Our first red flag in the video is the image of the deity being worshipped. The video features the idol of Lord Mahavir, who is worshipped in Jainism.

We ran some keyframes of the video through Google Reverse Image Search and came across the same video on YouTube. It was posted by Kems Studio in June 2014 and had 16.7K views.

At the beginning of the video, the name of the deity is mentioned as Shree Parshwnath Navagrah 72 Jinalay Tirth.

When we searched the name on Google, we found out that it belongs to the 72 Jinalaya Jain Temple located in Gujarat.
When we saw the 360-degree view on Google of the same, the images were identical to the ones shown in the animated video.

Hence, it is clear that the animated video is six-years-old and does not show a layout of the Ram mandir that is to come up in Ayodhya.

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