Fact Checked: This picture of 'Diwali at Golden Temple' is not real

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Every year, around Diwali, pictures of various places, all lit up, start trending online.
A picture of the Golden Temple all lit up on Diwali night is doing rounds on social media again this year.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the pictures, we found them to be edited.
On cropping the images and putting it through Reverse Image Search, we found the original pictures of Amritsar Temple and the lanterns, separately.

In the above collage, we can clearly see two different pictures have been edited and turned into one.
On looking at the picture closely, a watermark of an Instagram handle can be seen in the viral image. We checked out the Insta Profile and found that this image was uploaded on October 19, 2017.


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Diwali is the Festival of Lights. On Diwali, you will see every town, city and village is lit up with thousands of lamps everywhere. But the celebration is not just about lighting lamps outside – an inner light has to come. Light means clarity. Without clarity, every other quality that you possess will only become a detriment, not a gift, because confidence without clarity is a disaster. And today, too much action in the world is performed without clarity. Without the necessary clarity, whatever you try to do will be a disaster. Light brings clarity to your vision – not just in a physical sense. How clearly you see life and perceive everything around you decides how sensibly you conduct your life. Diwali is the day when the dark forces were put to death and light happened. This is also the predicament of human life. Like the dark clouds which brood in the gloomy atmosphere, not realizing that they are blocking the sun, a human being does not have to bring any light from anywhere. If he just dispels the dark clouds that he has allowed to gather within himself, light will happen. The Festival of Lights is just a reminder of that. ~Sadhguru #Imagination artwork #goldentemple #diwali #harimandirsahib #sikhtemple #sikh #sikhism #bandichordivas #chineselanterns #imagination #adoberisingstars #sikhexpo #happydiwali #instagram #enter_imagination #photoshop_creative #ps_fantasy #indianphotography #indianphotographyclub #bestvacations #ngtindia #navkaranbrar #discoverearth #WHPlikealocal #artingoutloud #theweekoninstagram

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On further investigation, we found a Twitter thread where a user Navkaran Brar owned up to the art and said that the image was edited.

The above information proves that the image is photoshopped.

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