Fact Checked: Here's the truth behind this viral picture

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A picture of a lady constable with an old woman is going viral on social media.
The picture claims that after her husband’s death, this old grandmother washed dishes and worked hard so that her granddaughter can become an inspector.
“पति की मौत के बाद झूठे बर्तन धो कर इस दादी ने बनाया अपनी पोती को इनस्पेक्टर… अब नही बोलॉगे नाइस पीक? ग़रीब की बेटी है ना इसीलिए शेयर करने मे भी शर्म आएगी…”- the caption read.

At the time of filing the fact check, the above post had more than 32,000 shares. It was shared by other users also.

When NewsMobile checked the post, we found out that the claim is FAKE.
On putting the image through reverse image search, we found a tweet by the official Twitter account of Uttar Pradesh Police.
In the tweet, DGP OP Singh commended constable Mansi for helping an elderly woman with her Bank work and also giving her food.
“DGP OP Singh commended Const.Manvi,in an appreciation letter, for exemplifying highest human virtues of kindness along with her duty She not only empathetically comforted an hassled old lady outside a bank,helped her with her work but also offered her food Congratulations Manvi!” the tweet read.

This proves that the claim in the viral post is FAKE.

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