Fact Check: Video of destruction caused by Cyclone Fani shared as Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal

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After Cyclone Amphan wreaked havoc in West Bengal, a video started doing the rounds on the internet showing a gust of wind blowing away a shop adjacent to a parking spot.
The caption of the post read: “#CycloneAmphan hitting Kolkata. Video via a friend living there. Prayers for the safety of all.



NewsMobile fact-checked the above video and found that the claim attached to it is FAKE.

When we extracted the keyframes of the video through InVid and put them through Reverse Image Search, we found the video in question on YouTube dated May 4, 2019.
The title of the video read, ‘Cyclone FANI Destroying Clips 25’.

With that information, we ran another Reverse Image Search along with the keywords, ‘Cyclone’ and ‘Fani’ and found a video by The Economic Times dated May 3, 2019.
The video showed the destruction caused by Cyclone Fani which hit Odisha in May 2019.

The description of the video read, ‘The extremely severe cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ or the ‘Hood of Snake’ made landfall around 8 am in Puri, with roaring winds flattening huts, enveloping the pilgrim town in sheets of rain, and submerging homes. Though the ‘extremely severe’ cyclone unexpectedly weakened into ‘very severe’ cyclonic storm in a matter of few hours, it left a trail of devastation in large parts of coastal Odisha, with the seaside pilgrim town of Puri being the worst hit.’

Hence, the above information proves that the video being circulated shows the destruction caused by cyclone Fani in Odisha last year, and is not at all connected to the recent Cyclone Amphan that hit West Bengal.

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