Fact Check: Video from a TV series being falsely shared as girl's suicide in Italy due to COVID-19

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A video is being shared on social media with a claim that a girl in Italy committed suicide after she was tested positive of Coronavirus.
In the video, the mother of the girl found her hanging from the balcony.

“Italy 🇮🇹Mother saw her daughter hanged outside the balcony, crying in pain and tearing her heart … The daughter contracted the virus and chose to commit suicide to prevent infecting others. Hell on earth is everywhere,” the caption read.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above video and found the claim to be false.
We extracted the screengrabs of the video and ran a Reverse Image Search on them. The result led us to a tweet uploaded by a user, featuring the extended version of the viral video.
According to the tweet, the following clip is from an Albanian film. Also in the longer version of the video, we can see the girl moving and boom mic can also be seen in the frame several times.

According to a website, the same video was circulated in 2019 with a different claim. The website states that the scene is from a series called ‘Sons os Halal’.
We then ran a search using relevant keywords and found that the clip has been taken from an Algerian television series, Wlad Lahlal (translation: Halal Sons), premiered in 2019
Further investigation led us to behind the scene video of the shot being filmed. According to the video description, the shot was being filmed for Episode 29th of the series.

We also found previous episodes of the series on a verified YouTube channel called Wellcom Prod.
From the above information, we can conclude that the video is from a TV series and the claim attached to it is false

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